Business meetings

Montana Al-Anon conducts a business meeting (Area Assembly) two times a year. These meetings are held in the spring and fall at various locations in Montana. For upcoming Assembly dates and locations, please visit the EVENTS page.

Area elections occur every three years in the Fall. Elected positions include Area Chairperson, Area Delegate, Alternate Area Delegate, Alateen Coordinator, Archives Coordinator, Archivist, Forum Coordinator, Group Records Coordinator, Literature Coordinator, Newsletter Coordinator, Public Outreach Coordinator (includes outreach to Institutions and Professionals), Treasurer, Secretary, and Web Coordinator.

Description of all position duties can be found in the MT Area Guidelines. If you are unable to access this electronic version, email:

The next elections will be in Fall of 2018.If you’d like to be considered for one of these positions, plan to submit a service resume at the 2018 Fall Assembly in Lewistown. If you have questions, or cannot attend the meeting in person for financial or other reasons, please contact the Area Chairperson at


Minutes for Area Assembly and
Area World Service Committee (AWSC)


Fall 2017 – Survey Fall 2017
Fall 2017 – AWSC Agenda
Fall 2017 – Assembly Agenda
Fall 2017 – MT GR Exchange 2-17
Fall 2017 – Acronyms and Common Terms

July 2017 – Conference Call

Spring 2017 – AWSC Minutes
Spring 2017 – Assembly Minutes
Spring 2017 – Assembly Evaluation

February 2017 – Conference Call


Fall 2016 – AWSC Minutes
Fall 2016 – Area Assembly Minutes

July 2016 – Conference Call

Spring 2016 – AWSC Minutes
Spring 2016 – Assembly Minutes


Fall 2015 – AWSC Minutes
Fall 2015 – Area Assembly Minutes

Spring 2015 – AWSC Minutes
Spring 2015 – Assembly Minutes
Spring 2015 – Financial Report 2016-2018


Fall 2014 – AWSC Minutes
Fall 2014 – Assembly Minutes

August 2014 – Conference Call (mp3)

Spring 2014 – AWSC Minutes
Spring 2014 – Assembly Minutes


All Motions (1964 – Sept. 2010)


Strength & hope for friends & families of problem drinkers