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Shannon S.
News & Views, Editor


Spring Assembly Results (4-9-17)

Spring Assembly (3-12-17)

Wintertime 2017 (2-4-17)


Fall Assembly (11-2-16)

Fall 2016 (8-22-16)

Summertime 2016 (7-10-16)

Spring Assembly 2016 (5-15-16)

Spring Assembly 2016 (2-20-16)

Happy New Year!! Here’s to new Coordinators (1-29-16)


Area Service Elections (8-26-15)

Fall Assembly flyer (8-10-15) – if you have a copy, please share 😉 

Area Treasurer’s Report (8-4-15)

Area Activities (7-31-15)

Spring Assembly (4-8-15)

Spring Assembly (3-18-15)

Lois W. and Assembly Activities (3-4-15)

Conference Activity (2-22-15)

Membership Survey (1-25-15)



Strength & hope for friends & families of problem drinkers